National Board Professional Development School

U-High (and Metcalf) are now National Board Professional Development Schools!

We are 2 of 32 schools in Illinois selected to participate in this unique program.  Each school has a cohort of more than 10 teachers who are working toward meeting the teaching standards and five core propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. These teachers are engaged in evaluating and improving their own teaching practices, collaborating to meet these rigorous standards with other National Board teachers both in and out of the building.

This undertaking will benefit not only our own students, but also our College of Education students, who are required to complete the edTPA portfolio by the end of their college career. EdTPA is closely aligned to the National Board process.

During this rigorous, three-year program teacher candidates:

  • reflect on personal practice by analyzing videotaped evidence and student work samples, culminating in a 80+ page electronic portfolio.
  • complete one or two components of the National Board portfolio every year for the next three years. (There are four components total.)
  • demonstrate competence on a challenging, content-based assessment.
  • use data to design evidence-based learning.
  • collaborate within the cohort, with the Metcalf cohort, and with other NBCTs throughout the state.
  • develop a professional learning community.
  • align their practice to the Common Core standards and the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

Current NBCT teachers in U-High

  • Kate Pole
  • Jean Gorski
  • Kevin Thompson
  • Vickie Graziano
  • Maria Pessman
  • Cassie Graham
  • Suzie Thetard
  • Chris Corpus

Members of the Cohort (National Board candidates):

at U-High

  • Amy Reiman – English
  • Ben Webb – English
  • Jason Landes – Music
  • Courtney O’Connor – Counseling
  • Karen Valouche – Counseling
  • Tisha Ortega – Foreign Language
  • Luke Luginbuhl – Physics

 at Metcalf

  • Aggie Hatch – Generalist
  • Amanda Stalets – Math
  • April Davenport – ELA
  • Beth Gordon – Generalist
  • Cassandra Mattoon – Early Childhood
  • Chris Culbertson – World Languages
  • David Sulzberger – Music
  • Jonathan Haws – Physical Education
  • Margot Ehrlich – Music
  • Susi Beard – Generalist

Members of the Cohort Leadership Team:

at U-High

  • Andrea Markert – Administrative leader (not a candidate)
  • Kate Pole – Facilitator, NBCT
  • Karen Valouche – Teacher Liaison

at Metcalf

  • Lisa Kendall – Administrative leader (not a candidate)
  • Kim Walker-Smith – Facilitator, NBCT
  • Aggie  Hatch – Teacher Liaison