Classroom Management

Managing a freshman science class
Maggie Proctor, BiologyVideo (Length: 27:45)
What you will see: students working in pairs doing a science experiment and recording results. The teacher moves among groups, facilitating progress. Clear beginning, middle and end.
Managing a music class
Chris Corpus, Music instructor
Video (Length:18 minutes)
What you will see: music students getting ready for a class; warm-up exercises
Managing a Biology Lab
Melissa Doellman, Biology
Video (4:41)
Video 2 (4:20)
What you will see: students working in pairs on a biology assignment; teacher moving about the room, answering questions, facilitating work; using laptops
Managing a Personal Fitness class
Vicki Jacobs, Physical Education
Video (26:49)
What you will see: beginning, middle, end; students working together and in groups; multiple activities during the hour; off-task student behaviors
Panel Discussion: Questions and Answers as you get started with classroom management
Cal Hubbard, Cory Culbertson, Brian Conant, Kathy Clesson, Jessie Lim
Video (10:58)
What you will see: A panel of four U-High faculty and one student teacher field questions from C&I 216 students regarding many issues of classroom management; especially relevant for new teachers just starting out…
Creating and maintaining a system of effective classroom management
Chris Corpus, Janeice Ives, Jessie Lim, Sarah Jorgensen, Dianne Walker
Video (11:35)
What you will see: Teachers and student-teachers discuss the techniques they have found to be most effective in managing student behavior in the classroom.
Organized chaos
Brian Conant
Video (5:00)
What you will see:
-two teams of students trying to list the most adjectives describing a work of Henry David Thoreau
-rising noise levels
-an activity teetering on chaos
-students doing unexpected things during the game
-banter between teacher and students
Classroom management in a computer lab
Karen Potter, Spanish IV
Pre-video (3:00)
Video (20:00)>
What you will see:
-keeping students on task
-classroom management
-computer lab management
-preventative techniques for managing classroom behavior