Essential Qualities

The Essential Qualities of a U-High Graduate 

University High School strives to educate student leaders who are informed, self-reliant, and ethical citizens. Therefore, University High School graduates will:

  • Embrace universal ethical principles such as honesty, integrity and justice.
  • Respect all people regardless of personal and cultural identity, background, ideologies or abilities.
  • Possess the academic knowledge and skills needed to pursue post-secondary learning.
  • Value life-long learning.
  • Become leaders with the ability to influence the future.
  • Demonstrate growth in all domains; intellectual, physical, emotional and social.
  • Use a variety of methods and resources (including technology) to locate, evaluate and apply information.
  • Think analytically, logically, and creatively, while integrating different experiences and knowledge to form reasoned judgments and solve problems.
  • Communicate effectively and creatively using varied modes of expression.
  • Value democratic ideals while assuming responsibility for self and others.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of global interdependence.
  • Possess the collaborative and interpersonal skills needed to be a productive team member.

Evaluating Essential Qualities First Day Of School-2