of  The University High School Keystone Council

We, the faculty, staff, and administration of University High School, embrace our missions to be PIONEERS in research, service and excellence in education. In the Fall of 1995, dedicated to the notion that empowered faculty and staff will be full participants in meeting this challenge; the Keystone Council was established. It is the charge of the council to maximize opportunities for input and communication, improve efficiency, and use of meeting time and increase accountability within the school while providing a unified and cogent voice in decision and policy making.

Article I: Name, Purpose and Responsibilities

Section A. The name of this organization will be the University High School Keystone Council.

Section B. The purpose of this organization will be:

  1. to create, review, revise, recommend and record internal policies.
  2. to provide an open forum for communication on policies or topics that deserve consideration with all interested parties at UHS.
  3. to assist in implementing current action plans and regularly revisit, evaluate and recommend revisions of collaborative planning documents related to the following areas of responsibility.

Section C. The areas of responsibility for Keystone Council shall include:

  1.  articulation and support of the mission of University High School.
  2. critical issues of school development (also known as school improvement) that involve consideration of curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, and their interrelationships.
  3. policies and procedures related to field experiences.
  4. policies and procedures on personnel matters.
  5. policies and procedures on parent-school relations.
  6. policies and procedures on discipline, student conduct, and school climate.
  7. policies and procedures on extracurricular activities.
  8. codification of internal policies and procedures of University High School that are updated each year
  9. provision of opportunities for an open forum for administrators, faculty and staff on a regular basis. The Executive Committee of Keystone Council shall be responsible for organizing the open forum.

Article II: Qualifications for Membership

Section A. Council Composition

  1. Membership of the Keystone shall be 12 members.
  2. Nine at-large faculty members and one at-large civil service member will be elected.
  3. The Principal and Assistant Principal will serve on the Council without election.

Section B. Eligibility for Membership

  1. Nine at-large representatives must fulfill at least one of the following qualifications:
  • have a continuing faculty contract.
  • be entering at least the third consecutive year of full-time teaching at University High School.
  • be entering at least the fourth consecutive year of part-time teaching at University High School. Part–time teaching is defined in this document as a fifty percent or greater U-High assignment.

2. One at-large representative must be a civil service member with at least two consecutive years of service at U-High.

Section C. Terms of Office

  1. All representatives will serve a term of three years. Terms will be staggered to ensure that at least three new members are elected each year.
  2. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms. Terms of office will run from June 1 to May 31.

Section D. Council Elections

  1. The deadline for applications will be April 1 of each year.
  2. Elections will be held by the end of April of each year.
  3. Upon election, all new Council members will be encouraged to observe at least one meeting of the existing Council prior to beginning their terms of office.
  4. Nominations may be self-nominations or may be made by others with permission of the nominee.
  5. All nominees will submit for review by the faculty and staff a Keystone Council application, which will be available through the main office. These applications will include qualifications, areas of experience, expertise or interest, willingness to serve as an officer of Keystone Council, and a brief summary of the nominee’s views on school governance, specifically as they relate to U-High. Evidence of attendance at meetings for incumbent nominees will be published prior to elections.
  6. Applications must be open for review by faculty and staff for at least one week before elections. Failure to submit an application by one week prior to elections will cancel the nomination.
  7.  All faculty and staff are eligible to vote.
  8. Special elections will be conducted by the Keystone Council to fill vacancies created by resignations, leave or changes in assignment.

Section E. Members of Council may be removed by two-thirds vote of the Council on the grounds of nonattendance and/ or non-participation.

Article III: Officers

Section A. The officers of the Keystone Council shall be the Chairperson, the Assistant Chairperson, and the Secretary, elected annually by Keystone Council members. The Principal and the Assistant Principal shall not serve as officers.

Section B. The Executive Committee of Keystone Council shall be the officers of the Council, the Principal and the Assistant Principal.

Section C. Duties of the chairperson will be:

  1. to preside over all meetings of the Keystone Council.
  2. to make reports to the UHS faculty and staff at faculty meetings.
  3. to establish committees as deemed necessary to fulfill the Keystone Council purposes stated in
  4. to invite persons of special expertise or interest to designated meetings.
  5. to arrange for a leadership training session for Keystone Council members and for other training as needed.

Section D. Duties of the assistant chairperson will be:

  1. to assume the duties of the chairperson in his/her absence.
  2. to keep attendance records of all Keystone Council meetings and subcommittee meetings to be published one week prior to elections.
  3. to conduct and supervise the elections for the Keystone Council by the end of April each year and to conduct and supervise special elections as needed.

Section E. Duties of the secretary will be:

  1. to take the minutes of each Council meeting and distribute (e-mail) them to the UHS faculty and staff within three (3) working days after after being approved at the next Keystone meeting.
  2. to distribute an agenda to faculty and staff at least two (2) days before all meetings.
  3. to publish revised bylaws annually.
  4. to publish revisions to the policies and procedures manual.
  5. to publish times and dates of all Council meetings immediately following their determination.
  6. to be in charge of correspondence from the Council to other schools, the Director, College and departments of the University.

Article IV: Meetings

Section A. The Keystone Council shall meet not less than once a month during the regular school year at times and dates to be set by a majority vote of the Council at its first meeting. The Council maymeet during the summer months.

Section B. Times and dates selected by the Council will be published and circulated immediately following their determination.

Section C. Other meetings

  1. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson.
  2. The Keystone Council will conduct at least one open forum each year.

Section D. The Executive Committee will meet prior to each meeting to establish an agenda.

Section E. Operation Procedures

  1. A quorum is required for each meeting. Seven elected members, including at least one officer, will constitute a quorum.
  2. All Council members shall be eligible to vote.
  3. Keystone Council meetings are open to all parties; confidential issues, which warrant a “closed”meeting, will be designated on the circulated agenda.
  4. Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the Keystone Council for a one-year term. Ad hoc committees will issue annual written reports of activities prior to the last faculty meeting of each school year.
  5. Council members must be bound by the ethics of confidentiality.

Article V: Support

Section A. Faculty and staff serving on the Keystone Council shall receive appropriate support for their roles, such as clerical assistance, training and substitutes.

Article VI: Ratification, Amendments, and Evaluation

Section A. Process of amending the Bylaws:

  1. Amendments may be proposed by the Keystone Council or by individual faculty and staff members.
  • Amendments will then be printed and distributed to the entire UHS faculty and staff.
  • Each amendment must be read and discussed first at a regular UHS faculty meeting.
  • Written comments or proposed revisions will be accepted by the Keystone Council prior to a second discussion.
  • A public discussion wherein comments and revisions are discussed will be held within 14 days of the first reading.
  • A vote by secret ballot will be held within 21 days of the first reading.

2. Amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the full and part-time faculty and staff who cast votes as defined in the bylaws.

3. Bylaws amendments approved by the faculty and staff will become effective immediately.

Section B. Evaluation of Keystone procedures and Bylaws:

  1. In the January of even number years, the Keystone Council will confidentially survey each faculty and staff member individually as to the efficacy of the Council Bylaws.
  2. On the basis of the survey and suggestions from faculty and staff, if needed, amendments to the Bylaws will be proposed.

Section C. In April of each year, the Keystone Council will confidentially survey each faculty and staff member individually as to the efficacy of the Council itself as stated in Article I.

Last Update: December 2009