Tech: Membership and Business 2012-2013


 Our fall meeting times are from 3:10-4:15 in room 219 on the dates below: 

 September 17 (Monday)

 ·         discussion of how we are using technology throughout the curriculum
 ·         impact we’re seeing on students
 ·         pros and cons the of the current structure


 October 17 (Wednesday)
 ·         identification of the tech tools we need; prioritization of those tools
 ·         importance of online textbooks (and textbooks in general at this point)
 ·         monitoring/filtering/control: how much is the right amount? How does that need to factor into our decision-making process?


November 13 (Tuesday)
·         discussion with parent panel on key issues
·         student use of computer outside of class/ at home
·         thoughts on “icrazy”; tech overuse
·         filtering/monitoring
·         potential costs (damages) and savings (textbooks, etc…)


December 12 (Wednesday)
·         recommendations for tech integration throughout the school
·         a look at netbook-replacements on the market that we will be testing in the spring (assuming we choose to move forward with a one-to-one replacement)
·         initial evaluation relative to the tech tools matrix established Oct. 17