School Development

Membership and Business 2012-2013

The School Development committee is a standing committee created by Keystone. Its purpose is to develop and implement plans for school improvement including curriculum reform, assessment/instruction improvement


  • Develop school improvement plan
  • Implement school curriculum, instruction and assessment reviews


  • Keystone Appointed Chair
  • Faculty Members
  • Administrator

Outcomes and Products:
The committee will create, review, revise and recommend policy to Keystone Council regarding school improvement. Minutes from all committee meetings will be submitted to Keystone, as will a final report at the end of the year.

Structure and Procedure:
The Keystone Chairperson will select a committee chair that will be responsible for finding faculty who have an interest and are willing to serve.
The committee will collaborate with administration and department chairs in order to improve and create and implement a school improvement plan and other tools which improve instruction and assessment at UHS.