School/Parent Relations

As of December, 2012, this subcommittee has been deactivated based on the recommendation of the Shared Governance subcommittee and Keystone Council.


The School/Parent Relations committee is a standing committee created by Keystone. Keystone recognizes that effective schools have positive and strong relationships with the parents. Therefore, according to the appendix of the Keystone committee bylaws the School/Parent Relations committee addresses the following issues:

  • Pertinent policies and procedures including parent-teacher conferences, communication between school and home, and shared expectations about school conduct, academic standards and performance.


  • Strengthen school/parent communication.
  • Coordinate and collaborate efforts to enhance student education.


  • Keystone Appointed Chair
  • Faculty Members
  • Parent representation
  • Administrator

Outcomes and Products:
The committee will review, revise and recommend policies and procedures related to school/parent relationships. The committee will submit the minutes of each committee meeting to Keystone. A final report of committee accomplishments will be submitted to Keystone at the end of each school year.
Structure and Procedures:
The Keystone Chairperson will select a committee chair who will be responsible for finding faculty and parents who have an interest and are willing to serve. The chairperson of Keystone will also select a faculty member to chair the committee. The committee will collaborate with the administration to determine an area of school/parent relations for the committee to review and determine recommended revisions that will strengthen school/parent relations. With the endorsement of Keystone, the administration will then assist the committee in implementing the recommended revisions.