Shared Governance

The Shared Governance Committee is a standing committee created by Keystone. Keystone affirms the basic principle of shared governance at University High School. Therefore, according to the Appendix of
the Keystone Council Bylaws the Shared Governance Committee addresses the following issues:

  • Clarification of authority held by various participants at University High School, codification of all policies and procedures of various decision-making groups, and the cultivation of collegiality among faculty, staff and administrators.


  • Maintain a central resource for policies and procedures of all standing committees of the Keystone Council and the Administration.
  • Coordinate and collaborate efforts to increase and maintain participation by faculty, staff and administration in decision-making.
  • Review procedures and schedules pertaining to elections and/or appointments.


  • Keystone Appointed Chair
  • Faculty Members
  • Administrator

Outcomes and Products:
The committee will create and maintain a central resource of policies and procedures. The committee will submit the minutes of each committee meeting to Keystone. A final report of committee accomplishments will be submitted to Keystone at the end of the school year.
Structure and Procedures:
The Keystone Chairperson will select a committee chair who will be responsible for finding faculty who have an interest and are willing to serve. The chair of the Shared Governance Subcommittee will be responsible for updating and maintaining the Keystone Webpage with technical assistance from the Communications Assistant. The committee will collaborate with the administration and the Keystone Council to stay abreast of any changes in policy or procedures. The committee will also recommend additional areas of decision-making where shared governance principles are appropriate and necessary.