Co-Curricular Committee

The Co-Curricular Committee is a standing administrative committee as designated by Keystone bylaws. The purpose of the Committee is to review and/or recommend policy that pertains to co-curricular
activities. Examples of such issues could be, but are not limited to, the student activity code or student eligibility.
The Co-Curricular Committee should review current policy annually and make recommendations to Keystone regarding new policy or policy revisions. The Co-Curricular Committee will meet to review
specific issues that may arise as determined by the Activities Director.
The Co-Curricular Committee members will be selected by the Activities Director and include:

  • Activities Director: Chair
  • Faculty Members – At least two coaches and sponsors (Both coaches and sponsors must be represented)
  • Keystone Member

Outcomes and Products:
The Co-Curricular Committee will produce policy recommendations and revisions as needed, as well as an annual report to Keystone to summarize the Committee’s activity.
Structure and Procedures:
The Co-Curricular Committee will meet a minimum of once annually to review/revise policy in the co-curricular area. The meeting will occur so that any new policy or policy revision can be
included in the next year’s student handbook.