The Personnel Committee is a standing committee that was created as part of the original Essential School Structures. The committee has been adopted by Keystone and is one of three committees that are the
responsibility of the administration. Personnel is one of the areas of responsibility of Keystone as outlined in the bylaws.
To review current policy related to personnel and make recommendations to Keystone regarding new policy or policy revisions


  • Principal: Chair
  • Members selected by the administrator. Could include department chairs, department members,administration, and Keystone representatives.

Outcomes and Products:
The Committee will create, review, revise, and recommend policies and procedures related to personnel. The Committee will submit the minutes of each meeting to Keystone. The Committee will submit an
annual report to Keystone by April 1.
Structure and Procedures:
Faculty members with an interest and willingness to serve on the committee are selected by an administrator. The committee will meet when needed to determine areas of personnel for the committee to
review and determine recommended revisions that will strengthen personnel policy. Based upon the review, appropriate recommendations will be made to Keystone by February 1 of each year.