Co-Curricular activities are a vital part of the U-High Community. Activity fees and fund raising activities help to fund the growing number of co-curricular activities offered at U-High and coordinates and collaborates on the distribution of activity fees funds to support co-curricular activities.
To consider fund raising requests from and allocate activity fees money to activity groups.

  • Activities Director – Chair
  • Three faculty members (elected)
  • U-High Bookkeeper
  • Student Senate President
  • Vice President of each student class
  • President of Booster Club

Outcomes and Products:
The committee will determine the dollar amount allocated to each activity from the fee money collected from each U-High student. All fund raising activities by U-High activity groups must receive administrative approval by the Coordinator of Activities and the Apportionment Board.
Structure and Procedures:
In August of the new school year, forms are handed out to all staff and activities groups. Forms are returned and compiled. Early in September three faculty members are elected to the Apportionment Board. Later in September, a one-day meeting is held, where each Apportionment board member is given a packet to review allocation requests for activity group financing. The Apportionment Board recommends to the Activities Director the distribution of activity funds to the activity groups.