Membership and Business 2012-2013

The Technology Committee works with the technology coordinators to figure out the best and most costeffective ways for using technology at U-High to improve student learning.

Technology coordinators provide the committee with information about new technologies presently being used in other schools through presentations, conferences and site visits.


  • Faculty members
  • Technology Coordinators

Outcomes and Products:
Committee members discuss information on new technologies with their respective departments and make recommendations to the technology coordinators on which technologies to pursue. The committee also reviews all current technology uses at U-High, and makes recommendations for changes and improvements. These recommendations are incorporated into the school-wide technology plan, which guides virtually all spending of the student technology fees and the district-provided technology budget.

Structure and Procedures:
Faculty with an interest and willingness to serve will be enlisted by the technology coordinators at the beginning of the school year. The committee will meet two or three times a year to share ideas for the direction of technology at U-High to create and improve opportunities for the use of technology in the classroom for the advancement of student learning.