Thank you for your interest in University High School! The application process for the 2020-21 school year has now closed, but check back in here in January of 2021 for the online application for 2021-22.


Class size: Each freshman class is comprised of approximately 150 students.

District of Residence: Illinois State University Laboratory Schools are limited by state law to 1,000 students (excluding students with identified disabilities), with approximately 60% of those students attending U-High. The maximum number of students that can be admitted from McLean County Unit District 5 is 642; the maximum for Bloomington School District 87 is 246. The remainder of the students may be admitted from other school districts in the state.

Academic Ability: U-High accepts students at varying academic levels, and does not seek to enroll only high-performing or gifted students.

Socio-Economic Levels: Students are selected from various socio-economic levels.

If you are thinking of applying to U-High, here’s what you need to know for admittance for the 2021-22 school year:

1. Shadow another student for a day (Shadowing dates will be posted here for February and March of 2021).

If you are interested in seeing what a school day is like at U-High, we invite you to “shadow” another student for a day in our building. Our policy is that current 8th graders may only shadow current freshmen at U-High. Please complete the shadowing form (will be updated) to schedule a shadow. Forms can be dropped off in the main office, faxed to 309.438.5198 or emailed to If you have questions, please contact the main office at 309.438.8428. Once scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation.

2. Review the documents below (please note that these may be modified/updated prior to the next admissions cycle):

3. Complete an application during the application period (TBD: January-February, 2021)

Click the online application link at the top of this page (link will be posted). If you have any technology limitations and would prefer to complete a paper application, copies are available in the main office.

You will need to submit your student’s grades, test scores (IAR, if available, for freshman applicants; ACT, SAT, PSAT or ACT ASPIRE for upperclass applicants), a discipline report/letter along with the required handwritten short essays.