Each semester, hundreds of students from ISU complete their initial teaching observations and experiences in our building working closely with our teachers and their participating course faculty on campus. To help make that experience as valuable as possible, we’ve assembled the information you need here. If you are a TCH student or faculty, click on the corresponding menu link to the left to quickly get to the information relevant to you.

How the experience works

The TCH experience for students begins with enrollment in 216 classes at the College of Education.

Next, students are assigned a participating teacher at U-High (or Metcalf), and they attend an initial overview session at U-High early in the semester at which next steps will be presented.

During the experience, students are assessed on professionalism, final exam/portfolio projects, classroom planning documents, microteaching, and clinical experiences.

Further information

TCH 216: Principles and Practices for Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools powerpoint.

PowerPoint presentation by Allison Antink Meyer (Spring 2019)

A TCH student works with students on a circuit during tech class.
working with a student in class
Debriefing after a wellness class session
Debriefing after a wellness class.
Checking progress during a math class.
Checking progress during a math class.
Discussing a point during class.
Discussing a point.
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