Tech Help

For any technical issue you can always contact Mr. Kurz:
-in person in room 224
-email at
-call: 438-5085

If you need to change or activate your password, go here. (Please note that if you change your password you will need to connect your laptop to a hardwire in the help desk, room 224, in order to login to your laptop the first time with your new password. If you login to it with your old password you will not be able to connect to isunet.)

For Laptop support: 
1. Bring your laptop to the help desk in room 226 during the 10, 11, 12 or 1 pm class periods.
2. If the help desk is closed, bring it to Mr. Kurz in room 224.
3. If neither option is available, submit a help ticket.

If you’re having trouble with your ISU password, or with getting into Skyward you can also contact Mr. Larson in the front office (, 438-8346).

If you’re having trouble with Teacherease, contact Kelly Whiting (, 438-5691).