Logger Pro

In our Chemistry and Physics classes we use Logger Pro on the netbooks to: -Graph data -Analyze the graphs to find mathematical relationships between vairables -Test predictions from analysis -Collect data with probes and sensors -Analyze the data collected to Read more

Geometer’s sketchpad

Geometer’s Sketchpad is a visual modeling and graphing tool that does the work of traditional graph paper, compass, straightedge, and other similar tools. Through visual displays and interactive adjustment of variables, it allows students to authentically investigate topics and concepts. Read more


Why would a teacher use an audio recording program like Audacity? One example: For students in freshman English, Audacity allows them to create sophisticated recordings to go with their study of the Odyssey (a story originally told orally!) The students Read more


Students in Kim Rojas’s Spanish class use Skype to connect with students at a high school in Costa Rica. These types of real-time video and audio interactions used to be reserved for universities and businesses with high-end technology and funding. Read more