Using Polar H7 sensors in the classroom

polarfitWhether you are in a badminton unit or on the track, the H7’s from Polar can be used in any activity.   Using heart rate monitors ensures each student they are working at the right intensity level to gain the best health benefits.  Why Polar?  Polar has made it super easy to use!!  The H7’s work with an iPad app so you can have each students’ heart rates in hand, live.  Through the app, you set the time, HR zones, and intensity level for that class.  Also, there are no watches with this system so it’s easier to manage. is the website where the students are entered into classes and assigned an H7.  Students are easily imported using an XLS file.  It took less than 5 minutes for all 605 students to be imported into our system!  Most fitness equipment now is equipped with Polar sensors, meaning that if you are wearing a monitor, your heart rate will show on the machine.  This makes it very easy for each student to be in their zone.  By no means am I trying to sell Polar, their equipment and systems have evolved in a way that is user friendly and is a great assessment tool for teachers and students.  Ways we use the H7’s:

  • Track days, I can stand in the middle of the track and see all heart rates
  • Spinning days, even though each student can see their HR on the little screens on the bikes, we sometimes stream them on the TV’s to encourage competition for motivation
  • Activity days, we project the iPad screen of heart rates on the gym wall (badminton) .
  • Competitions, students can see others’ heart rates and challenge each other.


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