How we choose technology

Very carefully! When someone brings a piece of technology to our attention, our tech committee, administrators and eventually our full faculty consider the following:

  1. Does it increase student engagement and learning?
  2. What elements of good teaching/learning does it foster?
  3. Is it cost-effective?
  4. Is it sustainable? Will it be around in three years?
  5. Is it authentic? Does it meet a current classroom need of a teacher?
  6. Does it make a teacher’s work easier/more efficient?
  7. Is it supportable? That is, if it’s hardware, is it something likely to last or something we can fix? If it is software, is it solidly built? Will it take frequent upgrades? If it’s a website, does it work in all browsers?
  8. Is the technology reflective of something being used in colleges and careers?
  9. Is it repeatable? That is, can it be repeated by other schools? Can TCH students gain from learning about it?