Check-out, check-in, charges


  • Freshman receive their laptops, bags and power adapters approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of school when they attend a laptop orientation session.
  • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors have approximately 7 days over which they can checkout their laptop. When they come in, they do the following:
    • complete the inventory checkout form
    • complete the configuration steps


  • Students turn-in their laptops at the end of the school year. Seniors turn their laptops in approximately 2 weeks prior to the end of the year so that we have time to assess damages.
  • At check-in, we check to see that each student turns in the laptop, power adapter and bag number that they were issued.

Laptop damages and billing

  • Over the week after check-in, student workers assess the units for damages using our check-in/check-out sheet.
  • For units that are identified as being damaged, the tech director examines each damage and makes the final decision about charges using the amounts listed in the laptop agreement.
  • Careful notes are made on each sheet about specifics of the damage so that this additional clarification can be shared with parents who have further questions when they see the charge on their school bill.