Selecting a device

There are a number of key items to consider:

Functionality: what are the key things you need in a good device for students?
  • good ergonomics: keyboard, touchpad/mouse, camera, microphone
  • screen size & quality
  • battery life
  • speed: does it have the specs you need to avoid speed bottlenecks? Processor, memory, network card
Price: how much money do you have to work with?
  • & warranty: is the cost worth it? what about accidental drop and damage?
Durability: how well will this unit hold up over 3-4 years of student use?
  • strength of casing? Does it protect the display or is it something flexible that could be damaged in a book bag?
  • strength of hinges (if it’s a laptop or convertible): will they hold up to kids carrying the unit by the screen?
  • regardless of warranty, does this unit have parts that are repairable? How expensive are they?
  • if you have a warranty, what is covered? What is the turnaround time on repairs?