In broad strokes, what does the implementation look like at U-High?

Key elements of our current year’s 1-1 initiative:

  • Lenovo Thinkpads with windows 8.1, 4 gb ram, 9 hour battery
  • Microsoft Office 2013, Logger Pro, Geometer’s Sketchpad, FitnessGram
  • free software including audacity, Photostory, MovieMaker, iTunes
  • total cost of $348 per unit

Why does one to one computing matter? Because of all the teaching and learning possibilities it opens up.

  • teachers can know that each student in class has access to the same set of tools
  • Electronic textbooks can supplement or replace print versions
  • Students can complete work outside of class, while waiting for rides, sitting at lunch, or anywhere else.
  • Faculty are free to develop lessons without having to worry about what kind of access students will have to the requisite technology tools.
  • Classroom time is saved; no more need to spend time moving to a lab, starting computers

Why laptops? Why windows-based laptops

  • they continue to be workhorses when it comes to researching topics and creating, typing and editing projects of all shapes and sizes.
  • we are not locked into one company’s products, but instead, have access to a wide range of third party software that does EXACTLY what our teachers are looking for. Logger Pro in the sciences and/or Geometer’s sketchpad would be two specific examples of this.
  • they are very serviceable by in-house techs