Improves communication

  • The teacher links the instructional purpose of the lesson to student interests; the directions and procedures are clear and anticipate possible student misunderstanding.
  • The teacher’s explanation of content is thorough and clear, developing conceptual understanding through artful scaffolding and connecting with students’ interests. Students contribute to extending the content and help explain concepts to their classmates.
  • The teacher’s spoken and written language is expressive, and the teacher finds opportunities to extend students’ vocabularies.

-The Danielson Group

Using assignment calendars

Electronic organization is an essential skill for students, and the better they get at it, the more capable they become at managing and organizing their assignments and assessments. They become responsible for their own learning, as well as monitoring their own progress. In many classes, including U.S. Studies, teachers push ...
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Using Google drive for group project collaboration

Google Drive can be used as powerful tools for group collaboration and "live" writing both in and out of class. Students can collaborate on the same document, with all users in a group having the ability to access and make changes to the same document at the same time. In addition, work is ...
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