Building buy-in

The best technology in the world is no good if teachers can’t or won’t use it in the classroom. Thus, we’ve focused on 5 key areas that support faculty desire to integrate technology:

Provide faculty with good technology for their own use. At U-High, this includes:

  • a fast laptop or tablet computer in the hands of every faculty member. They need a laptop that helps them get more work done faster and easier.
  • a good classroom computer with a bright, easy to see projector.

Provide good support

  • for faculty, immediate help from the tech director for hardware and software issues, as well as access to a replacement laptop if needed.
  • for students, our tech help support desk so that if they are experiencing a laptop issue during class, they can get same-day help.

A  consistent, easy to use platform online within which they can do classroom tasks they are used to, such as posting documents, listing weblinks and posting and grading assignments.

  • At U-High this is done with the Blackboard course management system.
  • All of our teachers and students have access to this, and most use it.
  • Because it has been in place for over a decade, our teachers don’t have to recreate, relearn or repost items every year.
  • It’s easy for new teachers to learn to use the system because all of their colleagues use the system.
  • And it’s loaded with both traditional features (like serving as a repository for readings, media, assignments and weblinks), and web 2.0 features like assignment submission and grading, chats, discussions and more.

A reliable laptop in the hands of every student

  • teachers can know that every student will have the tools needed to complete any assignment or assessment.
  • For more information on the logistics of our 1-1 initiative, click here.

Ongoing professional development that encourages faculty to innovate in the classroom and gives them the time and resources to do so.