Improves questioning and discussion

  • Teacher uses a variety or series of questions or prompts to challenge students cognitively, advance high-level thinking and discourse, and promote metacognition.
  • Students formulate many questions, initiate topics, and make unsolicited contributions.
  • Students themselves ensure that all voices are heard in the discussion.

-The Danielson Group

An inside view of the decision to drop “the bomb”

Better discussion & questioning Students are looking at different sources, not the same old textbook Teacher Kate Pole splits her students into four groups: Harry S. Truman the Cabinet military advisors Manhattan Project Each group is given a “confidential folder” of primary sources that only their particular person/group would have ...
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Using Google drive for group project collaboration

Google Drive can be used as powerful tools for group collaboration and "live" writing both in and out of class. Students can collaborate on the same document, with all users in a group having the ability to access and make changes to the same document at the same time. In addition, work is ...
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World Studies students use VoiceThread, a Facebook-esque social network tailored specifically for readers and aspiring readers. After reading various historical books, students are able to share ideas and opinions with fellow readers; find, recommend, and review their favorite (and least favorite) books; and even create their own discussion groups with ...
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Chats for broader, richer discussions

Using chatrooms during class enables more students to participate, and at a deeper level. One clear example of this comes from a US Studies course where teacher Kate Pole has the students divided into chatrooms of 6-8 students each as the entire classes watches the episode "Independence" from the HBO series ...
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Seinfeld in AP English

AP English Lang. and Comp., we viewed a YouTube segment from Seinfeld that was a parody of an essay we were reading in class.  We created a blog where students could post their individual topic brainstorm list into one massive list across two sections for students to use to come ...
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