Better assessments

  • Teacher’s plan for student assessment is fully aligned with the instructional outcomes and has clear criteria and standards that show evidence of student contribution to their development.
  • Assessment methodologies have been adapted for individual students, as needed.
  • The approach to using formative assessment is well designed and includes student as well as teacher use of the assessment information. Teacher intends to use assessment results to plan future instruction for individual students.
  • Assessment is fully integrated into instruction through extensive use of formative assessment.
  • Students appear to be aware of, and there is some evidence that they have contributed to, the assessment criteria.
  • Students self-assess and monitor their progress.
  • Questions, prompts, assessments are used regularly to diagnose evidence of learning by individual students.

-The Danielson Group

Completing and grading assignments completely online

Students are better able to self-assess and monitor their progress because everything is in one place, and moreover, it is easier for instructors to provide them with greater feedback. At U-High we use the assignment tool built into Blackboard Learn. It has proven to be very intuitive and reliable. Teacher ...
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Using “noredink” to create indivualized grammar practice for students

The noredink site allows teachers to set up customized grammar exercises for students based on their individual needs. Teacher Shannon Maney uses it in her English classes as part of the formative and summative writing processes. When students turn in pieces of formative writing, she will mark the grammar rules that ...
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Dramatic Lit uses Google Sketchup to design stages

Danielson Framework Items this Addresses Differentiates Instruction allowing student choice regarding methods for completing the assessment Student self-assesses and critiques artistic rendering through a medium of their capacity and learning preference Assignment: Students design sets for various types of stages using a method of their choosing. In an upper-level English course, ...
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English: Annotating and citing sources using NoodleTools

(Amy Reiman; Noodle Tools, Lexis Nexis, CQ Researcher, Science Online) In this cross-curricular unit, biology students research and annotate contemporary articles on an ethical dilemma that has emerged from the study of genetics. Students will use NoodleTools to complete an annotated bibliography and works cited page. The complete unit plan ...
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Using OneNote

OneNote, part of Microsoft Office, has proven to be a great way for students to take and organize notes. Maps, images, web pages and hyperlinks can all be pasted into notebook pages meaning that when it comes time for an assessment, students have more information available and ready to study ...
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Endangered Species Studies in Environmental Science

In my environmental class, we are discussing biodiversity. One of the topics we talk about is endangered species.  Students will visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website to answer a questionnaire about endangered species in Illinois. Once they have reviewed the website and answered the questions, they will choose one endangered species ...
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Blackboard and Peer Editing

In Sophomore Writing, students will finish a second draft of an essay as homework and submit into Bb - Self and Peer Assess.  The next day in class the students will respond to their assigned peers using Bb.  For their final draft, students will now have 3 peer comments to ...
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Using Blackboard and PowerPoint to Study Vocabulary

As a means of studying vocabulary in Sophomore Writing, students will use Bb Groups to file share pictures and a word document for their assigned words (the requirements are picture that exemplifies, definition, antonym, synonym, and an illustrative sentence). Then as a group, they will use this to create one ...
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Digital Music in Spanish III

Chino & Nacho - Nina Bonita My Spanish III students have been doing a cultural project on music artists from Spanish-speaking countries.  They researched a musician or music group online with a partner and then put together an oral presentation to tell their classmates a little about the group.  As ...
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Using Online Tools to Study Cell Mitosis From Home

In Biology II, we are using the laptops to access a web activity for mitosis. The site allows students to identify what stage each cell is in the activity.  This activity will prepare the students for an upcoming quiz and exam. This, coupled with the online materials in Blackboard, provide students ...
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