Professional Development

We provide teachers with time, funding, and multiple ways to meet with administrators and collaborate with colleagues:

In the late summer, the process begins with two paid tech days. These are open and flexible- school technologies are shared, innovative uses of technology integration are discussed, but mostly, faculty are just given time amongst colleagues to develop tech-based resources for their own classes.

In the fall, professional development is focused on the departmental level. Department chairs are tasked with using department meeting time to discuss what’s working and not working in their areas.

In the spring, teachers meet individually with the tech director and principal. This has proven to be extremely worthwhile, as teachers can talk at great length about all of the activities in class that excite them, and it often varies dramatically from teacher to teacher. Meeting guidelines, and results, are here.

In the early summer, teachers may submit proposals for additional summer work days allowing them to develop additional materials (often, sections of a Blackboard course shell, or something similar).