A Great Place To Learn

Hello Pioneers! My name is Jen and I am an Honors Scholar from Illinois State University completing a service learning project here at the U Link Literacy and Learning Center. Please stop by and say hi!

To me, this literacy center is a new kind of learning community for U High students. My favorite part about working in this center is the relaxed environment that allows students to learn where they are comfortable. Let me take you through a visit to the learning center from a student’s perspective:


During one of my free periods, I enter the learning center, where I am met and greeted.  I check in by using the computer at the front to sign myself in, noting down that I’m only here for a quiet place to study for an upcoming quiz. After checking in, I take a seat at one of the many tables, beginning to study in a quiet environment. A mentor lets me know that she is there to help me if needed. I forgot one of my textbooks for class, but luckily, there is a collection of class books on the bookshelf. I forgot my pencil, too, so I borrow one from the supply bins. When my free period is over, I head back to class, feeling relaxed and prepared!

If you haven’t visited the U Link Center yet, stop by and see what it’s like! Hope to see you all there! Jen